Parallel Fitness is a Lifestyle brand aiming to helping people reach their goals by using fitness as a tool to exceed all potential. SAME GOALS! DIFFERENT ROUTE.


Meet Casey

Casey has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. From a young age Casey has participated in various competitive sports such as football, boxing, badminton and athletics just to name a few. He went onto play football at district level and competed in London and Kent cups. While participating in sports Casey developed a huge passion for training. Whether it was Conditioning, Weight or Endurance training he loved to develop new skills. These new skills really helped Casey excel in sport therefore igniting a new passion for the things our bodies can achieve through training. 


Personal training was something Casey naturally developed due to his love for helping people and his passion for health and fitness. The base to Caseys training style is making sure his sessions are personalised to each client. Closely following this is a bubbly personality that quickly puts you at ease while remaining firm and motivational to keep you on track to achieve your goals. 



1 To 1 Sessions

Tailored 1-1 sessions that meet the required need for your goals.  we  guarantee results from fat loss to lean muscle building we provide top notch support to help you exceed all potential.  (This service is only available in and around South London based)

Prices from £50 per session  

Group Session

At parallel fitness we also offer group PT Sessions. Ranging from 2 to 4 people , with this service we provide Intense  workout, Goals setting and nutritional guidance to steer you into the right direction.  

Prices from £20 each per session 

Online Training 

With this service we offer a tailored coaching module which is targeted to make you exceed your goals. With Online coaching we provide workout plans, weekly check-ins, goal setting and nutritional guidance



Prices vary from £70-100 per Month 


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Testimonial Stories


Casey is a fantastic personal trainer who quickly understood my goals and how best to approach them without it feeling daunting or unachievable. My goals were and are to improve my posture and balance, to feel stronger and more resilient and of course to be a healthy weight for my body type.


working with parallel fitness has been the best decision I made this year. having suffered a knee injury and a slip disc after giving birth ( needless to say I was suffering) my life has transformed within a few weeks of training and my overall health as improved. Casey is a brilliant trainer. recommend him

Ace Adam 

The service that I got was amazing I didn’t only get a PT but I gained incredible knowledge on aspects of my body and how to improve and develop my boxing career, how to minimise injuries and sustain lean muscle while retaining my strength.



Casey Weston 

Parallel Fitness 


Contact Number: 07903043262

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